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Odin Password Secure Manager is a password storage program that will relieve you of the password management chore while
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29 May 2013

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We vehemently know how unsafe it is for writing the passwords on hardcopies or storing the passwords in any digital document in your PC. Unless we keep our eyes on them all the time they might easily get into the hands of others. To help you overcome this difficulty to securely keep the important passwords we present you nothing but the Odin Password Secure Manager 8.7.2. This application is a sure way to manage and store all your important passwords in an effective way. The Password Secure Manager by Odin is a dominant software program that will encrypt the pile of passwords to a vast extent that it becomes almost impossible for anyone to break through the software and retrieve all the data.

Odin Password Secure Managing software is a reliable friend that you can put one hundred percent trust on it that will keep your confidential information hidden. It includes an ordered format that gives you the facility for keeping all your passwords and the information in an organized way that will aid you to retrieving each of them very easily. Interface of this password-storing and managing application is neatly designed which can be used without much difficulty. This utility offers the flexibility to be installed in detachable drives like USB sticks, in which you can store all your passwords or pin codes of your bank accounts and carry it to places. In case you have stored large amount of data inside the software and finding it difficult to retrieve the desired password, then just try the data search feature that will empower you to fetch the required information very easily.

Few other features that it includes are data backup features, import and export facility, easy addition and deletion of files etc. The Odin Password Secure Manager deserves a score of three and half rating points for its overall usability.

Publisher's description

Odin Password Secure Manager is a very useful password management tool to encrypt,protect and manage your passwords.As a PC user, you will understand the need to keep track of numerous passwords and names, especially if you are also an Internet user. One solution is to write them down or store them on your PC but this is risky. Anyone can read your lists and gain access to your valuable data or even worse, your bank account details. Odin Password Secure Manager is a password storage program that will relieve you of the password management chore while offering you complete security and peace of mind. Your precious information is stored as encrypted data that only you can access.
Features :
1.Orderly storage of any secret information such as passwords.
2. Web forms auto fill feature.
3. Super paste.
4. Install the program to a Removable Device such as a USB memory stick.
5. Quick access to accounts via bookmarks.
6. Removing files completely and permanently.
7. Customizable automatic data backup features.
8. Convenient data search features for when you store large amounts of data.
9. Feature to import data from a file.
10. Feature to export data to a file, export to password-protected HTML page .
11.Low system requirements.
12.Friendly interface.
Odin Password Secure Manager
Odin Password Secure Manager
Version 9.8.4
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